1st X-PCI International workshop on (synchrotron-based) Cardiovascular X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging

Dear Colleague,

We are organising the 1st International workshop on (synchrotron-based) Cardiovascular X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging taking place in Barcelona at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra on May 13th – 14th, 2019. All details can be found on www.x-pci.org

This workshop is planned as a 2-day interactive event aimed at providing clinical, biomedical and engineering researchers with a comprehensive review of the current state of (synchrotron-based) X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging to reveal the micro-structure of cardiovascular tissues and whole organs with hereto unseen contrast and resolution.

The workshop will comprise of review lectures by experts in the field, hands-on sessions for the participants and tutorials on off-line processing of real images acquired by the faculty members.

The workshop is aimed at cardiologists, basic cardiovascular scientist, and image-analysis researchers interested in quantifying and understanding the micro-structure of heart and vessels from whole organ to single myocyte. We also strongly encourage participants to bring a poster presenting their own research.

The workshop website is online - please visit it to register and to see the preliminary programme:


Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you consider would be interested in attending.

We are very much looking forward to host you in Barcelona.

Best regards,

Bart Bijnens, Maja Cikes, Anne Bonnin and Patricia Garcia Cañadilla