1mm diameter circle


I wanted to create a 1mm , 3 and 6mm diameter circle in this image

I need help in adding the parameters to draw 1mm diameter circle.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Maanasi,

If your image is scaled and/or you know yourself how many pixels correspond to how many mm you could draw these circles by hand. I assume you want the centre of the circles to be where the cross hairs are:

  • place the mouse at the centre.
  • hold down Ctrl and Shift key.
  • then use the mouse to make the circle, while keeping an eye on the size in the ImageJ status bar.
    See here a screenshot, the circle is placed at the centre (I used the arrow keys too to move the circle around to get in in the centre.

You could also use Edit > Selection > Specify in the menu:

If you want to include in a macro:
Built-in Macro Functions then search for drawOval(x, y, width, height);

To actually draw the circles: Edit > Draw (or Ctrl+D). You can specify line colour and thickness (double click on line tool, 5th button from the left) as you need.

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