16bit to 8bit conversion

I performed a particle analysis using images (16bit) taken with a confocal microscope. Before I performed the particle count, I had to convert the 16 bit image to an 8 bit image. Why is this step necessary? Is it just “easier” to calculate because of the reduced number of colors?
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Hello and welcome Rike,
The reason is because the macro you are trying to use only works with 8 bit binary images. in other words a Range of 0-255 vs 0-65536.

Hi @Rike,

I guess, as @smith_robertj already indicated that you thresholded your image and thus created a binary image (only black and white, which are the values 0 and 255, respectively). Actually, a 1-bit image would be sufficient, but standard wise 8-bit images are taken for this task (at least in ImageJ).
The indication binary tells you that it is practically an on/off system. This is necessary to make plugins like the Analyze Particles... recognize pixels assigned to the foreground (so your objects of interest).
You might want to have a look on the Principles page for some introduction into this basic segmentation as a starting point.

@ smith_robertj and biovoxxel
thanks for your help :slight_smile: