16 bit .png files

Is it possible to use the save images module to save an image as a 16 bit png? I only see 8 or 16 bit options for tiff.

That’s correct; it’s currently only possible to save PNGs in 8-bit format for grayscale, 24-bit for color.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the additional info.


Hi team,

In this old topic Mark says that saving as 16-bit PNGs is not possible and that’s also what the manual says. However (before I read the manual) I tried to save a > 8 bit image as a PNG and it came out as a valid image that could be read in fine by Fiji/ImageJ. This was true both on CP versions 2.1.2 (#207f5bf) and 2.2 (#ac0529e). Does this mean that that restriction was lifted sometime in between? Or am I going to run into some pain and suffering if I try to use this?

Just FYI: I would like to save images of labeled objects (where I likely will have more than 255 objects per image) and 16-bit TIFF format generates huge files while PNG compresses into nice and small files.


  • Damir