1536well analysis

Dear colleagues,
recently I started to use cell profiler software to analyse imaging data. Since I would like to investigate pictures from 1536well plates I would like to ask one of you experts, if there is an option for said plate formats in the export to daatabase option.
Thanks and Cheers

Hi Axel,

There is no option for this specific value at this time. However, all the specification for the plate type does in ExportToDatabase is use that number for the “plate_type” field in the properties file; you can change it by hand to “1536”. I’m not absolutely certain, but I believe CellProfiler Analyst will recognize that value, do the right thing and format the PlateViewer appropriately.

Also, if you need to generate row and column metadata for specifying those settings in ExportToDatabase, you can use the LabelImages module to create those measurements.

Hope this helps!