"1/3 (Red) 2700X4800 16 bit 80MB"

I see this is Title bar , “1/3 (Red) 2700X4800 16 bit 80MB” . What does 1/3 (Red) mean here? How do i fix it?


Which command(s) did you run to produce a window with that title?

You can use the Image :arrow_forward: Rename command to change the title of an image window.

You don’t gave us an explicit description of the problem but I would guess somehow your image display shows an R,G,B stack. The first component is the R component.

Below the image there is a slider to select one of RGB components (see example below):

You can create a new RGB image form the stack if you select:

Image->Type->RGB Color


Image->Color->Stack to RGB

The question remains is what would you like to achieve? Did you expect an RGB image instead of the stack?

Please give us more information to give you a decent help.


Do you mean the actual title bar (filename) or the information about the image right below the title? See the stack example here.

In the image information, 1/3 (Red) means it is a composite image with 3 channels and you are looking at the first, which is the Red channel.

If you want to change from a composite (where you can manipulate channels separately) to an RGB image (that you can export to other software such as PowerPoint) you can use the steps @Bio7 detailed.

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Thanks for the response.

I tried RGB. Though it created Grayscal image but it converted mu 16 bit image to an 8 bit image. I have uploaded my input ,output images and screen shots at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9dG4Eq1WfK8X3M5dVpmaG5Lcjg&usp=sharing . Please have a look and help.


@Bhim_Rathor, I can see your before and after images but I still don’t know what you want to achieve. Do you want a color or grayscale image? 16 or 8 bit? And what is your final goal? Thanks.