Job Opportunities

Research Scientist for well funded biotech startup in Salt Lake City - RECURSION PHARMA (1)
Postdoc opportunity in the Netherlands (1)
Bioimage analyst with an interest in business (sales, marketing, etc) needed! (1)
EMBL group leader positions open (1)
Open positions at USC (1)
Postdoctoral position in Cutaneous Imaging at Vanderbilt (1)
Advanced Microscopy Post-Doc Fellowship at Harvard Medical School (1)
Course on High Throughput Screening and Image Analysis for BioSciences (Portugal) (1)
Image Processing Lab Manager role at CMMI in Belgium (1)
Senior Bio Image Analyst position at Scionics (Dresden,Germany) (1)
Image analysis engineer position at the Institut Curie (1)
Opening for Imaging Data Scientist/Cheminformatician at NIBR (1)
Senior bio-image analyst at Scionics position opening (1)
Scientific Software Developer and DevOps Engineer in Dresden, Germany (1)
Microscopy Fellowship opportunity (1)
Community Manager @ KNIME (1)
High Content Imaging job at GSK (1)
Opening for "Assoc. Bioengineer" at Forcyte Biotechnologies (LA-area start-up working on phenotypic screening) (1)
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital hiring Director for new Bioimage Analysis Center in Memphis, TN (1)
Image Analysis Expert for Microscopy at Universität Bern (Switzerland) (1)
Career Opportunity - Director-Bioimage Analysis Center (1)
Senior Image Analysis and Machine Learning Software Developer (m/f) (1)
Recursion Pharma looking for a Microscopy Scientist (1)
Senior Experimental Officer (Bioimaging/Image Analysis) in the University of Manchester (1)
Jobs available at Allen Institute in Seattle (1)
Health Scientist Administrator/Program Director at NIBIB (1)
Software Engineer | Smart Microscope Control Software Development (Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in SF) (1)
Horvath Lab looking for Software Engineer to join their team! (1)
Bioinformatician with focus on research support in image analysis (1)
Open BioImage Analyst position at FMI Basel (3)